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Dear brothers & sisters

Grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I received this email below from Rev. K. Chaitanya Kumar our Unity Regional Coordinator in India and Founder & President, Church for the Distant Ministries.

Please take a moment to read it, and send him a message of support and encouragement

in Jesus name I ask.


Sub:- Dear Spiritual Parents Please spare your Valuable time to read and know the Persecution and Atrocities against our Dalit Christians in and around our CFD Ministries Indian Mission fields India.

Psalm 34:17 " The righteous cry,and the LORD heareth,and delivereth them out of all their troubles". 

Our Most Beloved and Distinguished Spiritual Parents Mr & Mrs. Rev. Ray & Dainne, Unity Intl. Founders, Distinguished Spiritual Mother Mrs.Kathleen Cullen Boyle, family members in Christ,

Warm and Choicest Christian Greetings to you from  CFD Ministries India, in the Almighty Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who shed His Precious Blood on the Calvary Cross for our sake. 

WE have been relay fasting and Praying for our Spiritual Parents Rev.Ray& Dianne Mom and Mrs.Kathleen Cullen Boyle's,  health in Jesus Mighty Name. We are always Praising God for you, your Charity, Love and Concern towards our Needy Ministries and our needy Target groups. We heartily express our sincere gratitude to you that Without your fervent Prayers and financial Support we will not be the same as Today. You are treasuring in Heaven by sowing into our Least of These Ministries. God must Bless you, your lovely family and Business richly and abundantly in His Richness and Glory. Amen. Hallelujah.🙏🙏👋 

Our Most beloved Spiritual Parents and Brothers, Please lend your ears for a couple of Minutes to go through the following few lines. Sorry that we tried our level best to get in touch earlier than this but here the Circumstances are not favorable to reach you prior to this time. You know that daily we have been facing persecuting all the nook and corners of our CFD Ministries Indian Mission fields and also in our Nation.

You are so blessed God has given you a very peaceful and comfortable life to serve Him and Worship Him with your Total Strength, Power, Heart and Soul too but where as we have No Place and peace, safety and security. Here we are leading frightful and dreadful lives

Though we are daily Praising, praying Him at our level best along with we relay fasting and praying for you and your lovely family and your special needs too. Notice that without mentioning your Names and remembering you in our Prayers, our prayers will not be completed.

This is early in the Morning now the Time is 5:30 am. We already fervently prayed for you before 5 am, prayerfully we are sending this mail to request you to pray and remember us, our dire situations and needs to be met in Jesus Mighty Name.                                 

The following are only sample incidents/Persecutions faced by our CFD Ministries Indian Christians / Dalit Community Pastors, believers irrespective of age and gender too.

Please read it and try to understand our level of persecution and ill treatment in our Nation even after we got Independence 75 Years ago. No justice, equality and respect even not treating fellow human beings even, they are Treating us lower than their pets.

It is a pity on our part in our Nation. You can not imagine or understand these situations and circumstances but here it is 100% true, Police and Media also known but No justice for us, God only save us from these Atrocities, deaths and persecutions, because of Security We are NOT mentioning the Name of the Persons and place. Kindly understand our Problem.

1.  A Dalit boy [ Lower Community/ Scheduled Caste in the Social Strata, I belong to this community only] dies after being assaulted by a School Teacher.

The boy had drunk water from earthen POT allegedly reserved for Teachers from higher Castes. This 9 year old boy died on Saturday, even though he did not respond for Medical treatment.  The boy was assaulted by his School Teacher [ Who is a Hindu & Higher Caste/ Community ] for allegedly TOUCHING A POT of Drinking Water only, Another Dalit boy severely beaten in  another School for failing to give answers. Such incidents are many but for the sample I mentioned here for your kind information.

2. A 34 year old Dalit [ Scheduled Caste] Woman Teacher working in a Private School, who was set on fire by poured Petrol by Higher Caste Hindu persons/ miscreants over a Cash money borrowing / lending dispute with her near her house. They took out a loan from her, when she asked to repay back, they set a fire. She succumbed to burn injuries and died.

This has only come to limelight but there are innumerable which have not come into light/ public.

3.The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a plea alleging a rising Number of Attacks on Christian Institutions and Priests across the Country. 

4. One of our Pastors informed us that some of the neighborhood persons stopped him from conducting worship on Sunday. Police also came and took details. There are so many such issues in and around our LOT Indian Mission fields.

5. In another place one of our churches was attacked and Materials destroyed and damaged. In another place some people attacked One of our sisters and her Children, and destroyed the things in her house. They need your prayerful support.

6. Another Pastor informed us that he is being harassed and threatened by some villagers to leave the Village for his  Faith in the Lord, his family members are also involved with the Villagers. Another Pastor from neighbouring the District, also has been Persecuting continuously because of his Faith. His house and things destroyed, affected his livelihood.  He is unable to support his Children's education too.  Please pray for God's provision, safety and protection.

Please kindly remember and pray for our Ministries dire need of a Laptop and need 800 Telugu Holy Bibles as Souls are craving for His Word, Christianity is mounting up very speedily even though persecution prevails. This is the Work of our God. Nobody stops us in this great Commission.  We are ready to Die for Christ and trying to turn the upside down in this area of the Nation. Amen. 

With much Love,

Yours Spiritual Son, Brother

& His bond servant in Jesus Christ,

Rev. K. Chaitanya Kumar
Founder & President,

Church for the Distant Ministries,
House of Grace # 5-375,Subbaraopet
Katheru,RAJAHMUNDRY-533 105
A.P., I N D I A.

Cell No: + 91 94406 70254

              + 91 94916 24944
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