‘Standing together, moving as one’
   An Ecumenical group serving in the
   one body of Christ
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Churches and Associated
Experience has proved that when churches and agencies of different denomination pray and work together, is a catalyst and makes a positive change in God's Kingdom.
Will you join us and play your part in seeing the churches in your area and throughout the world come together in mutual respect for each others traditions and see the transformation come to your community and your nations?
    Greek Orthodox
    Russian Orthodox
    Syrian Armenian
    Roman Catholic
    Church of England / Anglican
    Churches in Wales
    Salvation Army
    Congregational Lutheran of Great Britain
    Moravian Church
    Church of Scotland
    Presbyterian / Calvinist
    New Testament Assembly
    United Reformed Church
    Wesleyan Holiness Church
    Free Church Council
    Council of African &Afro-Caribbean Churches
    Council of Oriental Orthodox Christian Churches
    International Ministerial Council of Great Britain
    Joint Council for Anglo-Caribbean Churches
    Cherubim & Seraphim Council of Churches
    Independent Methodist Churches    
    Life Spring Ministry, Kenya
    And all Agencies and Bodies in Association
Associated Members
  Church for the Distant Ministries India
  Dominion Christian Ministries Ghana
  Revival for Nations Ministries Cameroon Africa
  Greater Life Evangelistic Temple Africa
  Assemblies of God Nigeria
  Biblical Educational Ministry Pakistan
  Redemption Grace Chapel Ghana
  Apostolic Revival Church Ghana
  Jesus Miracle Foundation Ministry Ghana
  Gospel of our Lord Jesus Rep of Benin
  Life Spring Ministry Kenya
  Grace Chapel International Ghana
  Light Chapel International Ghana
  Family Harvest Ministry Ghana
  New Covenant Word Church Kenya