‘Standing together, moving as one’
   An Ecumenical group serving in the
   one body of Christ
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Friends in Unity

Friends in Unity are an associate membership of people that have a desire in there heart for Unity of Christ Body and feel called by God to be part of this ministry and its evangelical vision, serving and supporting UNITY in practical ways that are suitable to their way of life.
So join today and become a associate member of UNITY.
part of a growing group of Christians from around the world with a vision of reconciliation, forgiveness and Unity of all the Christian


Over the years there has been a growing interest in the work of Unity and it's vision and for some form of Membership from around the world, from E-mail’s and people we meet on missions who have requested to join UNITY has shown us the need to rectify this situation, so we started ' Friends in Unity' which allows those with the desire for the Unity of Christ's body to become an associated member of Unity and do something positive through the directions laid down below.

Our aim is to bring all Christian denominations throughout the world together in praise and worship praying  for Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Unity and where possible to meet on the same day as we do, which is the last Saturday of the month.

Become an Associate Member of UNITY, as an individual, a Church, Organization or a Group and become part of a growing group of Christians, who are committed to building the unity

of Christ’s Church through reconciliation and forgiveness and by honouring and respecting each others beliefs and traditions and proclaim the Kingdom of God in one accord to all the world.

We believe and are dedicated to the Biblical truth that we are meant to be one in and with Christ, and we work to strengthen the Christian witness that is found in unity.  

As committed Christians we profess our belief in God through the NICENE CREED.


When God heard the cry of his people, he answered them, imagine what would happen if thousands of us Christians from around the world of every denomination united together in praise and worship and committed themselves to praying and working for the Unity of Christ's Church, the barriers that divide us would crumble.

Then the prayer of Jesus ' John 17: 20-23' would start to become a reality.



Friends in Unity are a group of people who have the desire for the unity of Christ's Church

(not unification) and are touched and inspired by the work of Unity and have accepted our vision.

They are individual people, families, groups, Churches, Organization and Communities who feel called to further the call for unity of Christ's body the Church by God and to support Unity in our work.

We realize that everyone that show’s an interest in the work of Unity cannot become an active member.

So we ask you to pray and ask God; “in which way you can help in forwarding His call for Unity”.

To know more about Unity click on Ministry above and then return to this page to continue.


Unity enables you to stand with thousands of Christians from around the world who have the desire for to fulfil the prayer of Jesus in John 17: 21 'that all of them may be one' and come into unity honouring and respecting each other’s traditions, doctrines and Christian culture.

Membership will give a clear message to the world that we are one, even though we do have different traditions. ‘Unity in Diversity’

Be part of a group that is working towards bring Christians of all denomination together in Reconciliation and Forgiveness.

Be an effective witness through our united fellowship.

If you are a Church or an Organization, we will invite you to appoint a representative who will be your contact person. They will receive copies of the Cornerstone Magazine and other information about what is going on in Unity.

We will put your views in our online magazine ‘Cornerstone’ and send hard copies to those who do not have access to the website. This will be sent out twice a year.  

We will invite you to share what is going on in your parishes.

We will invite you to give us your views on Unity of Christ’s Church.


To be faithful to the Denomination and Community you belong to, to honour and respect each other’s traditions, doctrines and Christian culture. Where possible gathered together in the name of Jesus, praising and praying in one accord.

So embrace the vision of Unity, and help others to grow in the Lord:


Personal Prayer and Praise.

Unity Prayer. (to download a copy click on Prayer for Unity above, or you can order an laminated one by email).


Pray daily for the healing of the Church, Pray for the Ordained Ministers in every

 denomination, it's Lay Ministers and all those that are working for Unity.


Pray for us in Unity and it's needs. It will be a real encouragement and blessing for them

 and us to know that we are held up daily in prayer before the Lord by a large group of

 Friends from the four corners of the world.


We for our part will also remember you during our prayer time each day, asking the Lord to

 meet your needs also.


Why not leave a prayer for a friend or for those that you cannot get on with,

 Click on prayers at the top and leave your prayer request.

Daily reading of the Bible can be a useful part of our personal prayer time. We strongly

 encourage reading the Scripture every day.


Promoting Unity amongst the different denomination.


Making known the work of Unity to others.  


Fasting is a powerful intercessory tool, If you are on medication that does not allow you to

 adjust your dietary needs, there are other forms of fasting; leaving aside some of the

 things we normally depend on.