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Telugu Holy Bibles

Rev Kumar our Unity Regional Coordinator for India and Founder & President of the Church for the Distant Ministries wants to purchase 200 Telugu Holy Bibles to distribute to the needy Believers who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and to the poor and needy in the rural and remote tribal areas of  the state of Andhra Pradesh in East Godavari district of the state who can not effort to buy a Telugu Holy Bible to read the Word for their Spiritual growth.

Rev. Kumar along with his pastor try to reach as many of these people every day to bring food, medication and the word of God

Please kindly pray that they receive the provisions to feed the Lepers, aged Widows, and our poor and needy in the Rural and remote area.

Pray also for the pastors who are hard working Men of God striving hard to save their Souls and bring them to the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Their motto is "Winning India for the Lord"   


The cost per Telugu Holy Bible is £4.00 GBP.

Please check Exchange rate for your country.  YAHOO CURRENCY EXCHANGE

If you are able to help Rev. Kumar individually or as a group to achieve this target he and the people he serves would be very grateful.


You can contact Rev Kumar direct

Rev.K.Chaitanya Kumar
Founder & President Church for the Distant Ministries

Unity Regional Coordinator for India
BETHUEL # 5-375,Subbaraopet
Katheru,RAJAHMUNDRY-533 105
A.P., I N D I A.

Email: cfdmin@gmail.com