‘Standing together, moving as one’
   An Ecumenical group serving in the
   one body of Christ
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Lord through your Holy Spirit help us to forgive those who have hurt us, those in the Church, those in society, those in our work place and those in our families.

Lord there have been times in our lives that we have hurt others,

Lord forgive us.

Lord we pray that you will give us

a heart like Jesus, so that we can forgive has he did, and the heart of humbleness to seek forgiveness.

Lord we pray that through your Holy Spirit you will touch the hearts of all your priests in every denomination and community, to help them to seek reconciliation and forgiveness and unity with each other.

Prayer of Reconciliation, Forgiveness

and Unity

Lord it is only through reconciliation and forgiveness that we can come together in unity with you in the body of Your Son Jesus.

Lord It is only by working in unity with each other that the world will come to know that you sent Your only Son to be a living sacrifice for us and a path way to eternal life with you.

Lord God you alone know the time of the Second Coming of Christ in Glory.

Lord, prepare our hearts through your Grace.